Season of Settling In

The first eight months of this year were filled with getting acquainted with our new home. Time was spent visiting, exploring, and unpacking. Over the last week I’ve felt a seismic change. Maybe it’s because the kids are back in school. Maybe it’s because we’ve left and returned to this cabin in the woods. Maybe it’s because after eight months you have to hang up the word “new” as an excuse or way of explanation. Whatever it is, suddenly it all feels a bit more real. I’m a PTO board member. We have dentists and doctors and our mail is no longer forwarded. We’re starting to dig our heels in and put down some roots.

And sometimes it feels so wrong. How can these things that we’ve been a part of for the last umpteen years be taking place without us in our old hometown? How can we be about to embark on a holiday season that doesn’t include giving out candy in the cul-de-sac with all the other moms while the dads take the kids trick-or-treating? And is it possible to have a Friendsgiving over FaceTime? How will we share green bean casserole and how will I learn a new cooking skill to tuck under my culinary belt?

So we’re starting to settle in and it feels different. It feels more permanent…because it is. And with that comes a renewed sadness but it’s coupled with the realization of what and who is here-right here in front of us. I’m making a concentrated effort to do more settling and less wallowing. I’m looking forward to the new traditions we will create in our own little Stars Hollow type town. And I’m finding people who get me.

If I’ve learned nothing else in the last few years, it’s that life is always changing. Changing in gigantic unimaginable ways and teeny tiny leisurely ways. Nothing is permanent…except the places and the souls you carry in your heart no matter where you find yourself.

2 comments on “Season of Settling In

  1. Carol Jo mills on said:

    This made me have goose bumps! A little sad—a little happy—mixed emotions for those you left behind but happy for what is ahead for your family and you. Love to you and those great kids and your sweet husband. Love you, Carol Jo

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