it’s been one year. a year that’s been all kinds of Dickensian…filled with the best of times and the worst of times. our hardest moments as a family and the most fun we’ve had together. endings and beginnings. good-byes and hellos. old friends we’ve grown closer to and new friends we feel like we’ve known for a lifetime in that good kind of tell-the-truth-about-life kind of way.

i’m not the same girl who got on the plane with tear-filled eyes last year. i’ve changed…physically and mentally. i’m more me than i’ve ever been. i’m living with an authenticity and contentedness i’ve never had before. i’m pushing my body to grow stronger with the barre class that’s helped me shed thirteen inches while growing my soul and my heart. i’m hiking and pushing my people up mountains. i’m knitting again. i’m reading more, baking, and surprising my family with home cooked stuff(i wanted to say goodness but it didn’t sound like me, even the new me). i fill my days with deep breaths and soul-filled moments even when i’m running to different ends of the island for jump rope, soccer, or lacrosse. and i feel pretty zen about this thing we call life.

my brain is pushing me to do more. it tries to justify my stay-at-home existence even though i’m finding happiness in my heart and flowing out in my energy. and i’m brought back to my oh-too-many-years-ago high school yearbook quote…

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoin de St. Exupery from The Little Prince

maybe i actually had the wisdom long ago and buried it under corporate ladders, masters’ degrees, tennis skirts, and perfectly mowed lawns. so i’m listening to the whispers of my heart and i’m going to bake bread, plant a cutting garden, cherish conversations with friends, and share giggles with my family. oh, yes, i’d like to write more but i’m not going to force my hand when it doesn’t feel right. today, i’m going to glow in the knowledge that i know i can do hard things and still come out on the other side with deeper connections and a bigger heart. IMG_1096

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