this is 45

holder of multiple familial titles
beneficiary of gorgeous friends
searcher of soul baring conversation
rain lover
sun adorer
appreciator of snow
weather welcomer
tickled pink island girl
owner of chickens and bunnies and puppies-oh my
log cabin liver
fretful earthquake tracker
self absorbed selfie taker
barrecor better
newly baptized intrepid hiker
filled with vitality
reader and searcher of knowledge
inspiration seeker
author craving the ability to write more words
what’s her name what’s her name
Julie Lynn Farley
late to the party Hamilton obsessor
imaginary lyricist for Lin-Manuel Miranda
filled with conviction
marred by indecision
constantly wondering how did i get here
running all the time
always out of breath
filled to the core with love

Authentic user of the word blessed
at lastIMG_0580

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